Smithton Medical Centre      established 1984

Quality Health Care For All

History of Smithton Medical Centre

Smithton Medical Centre has been providing General Practice services out 
of the current premises at 14 King Street since 1984.

The Practice was started by Dr Fiona Joske and Dr Tim Flanagan out of the 
front rooms of their house.

The following is an incomplete list of people who have worked at the practice
over the years. If you feel you should be on the list, please let us know and
we will amend it.

Many locum and short stay doctors have supported us - from the most recent:

Jon Day, Jane Edwards, Martin Panter, Lynne Davies, Indika Weerasekara, 
Ebrahim Pishan, Ross Woodward, Ross Lamplugh, Jaclyn O'Keefe, 
Jerome Muir-Wilson, Hugh Carpenter, Lori Cameron, Louise Widjaja, 
Eric Colquhoun, Cameron McLeod, Scott Bell, Penny Roberts-Thompson, 
Paul Kerkenezov, Arathi Debnath, Chris Bishop, Mark Flynn, Peter May,
George Cerchez, Jo Cannon, Robyn Giec

       Regular General Practitioners
       Tim Flanagan                       (17 years)
       Fiona Joske                          (17 years)
       Don Rose
       Anne Wilson
       Vernon Powell                      (25 years)
       Chris Bishop            
       Lynda Aldridge
       Jennifer Marsden 
       Jennifer Ostenfeld                (23 years)
       Clem Le Lievre                     (1 year)
       Donald Hogan                      (9 years)
       Tony Popiel                          (16 years)
       Nicole Anderson                    (13 years)
       Daryl O'Connor                     (4 years)
       Kelechukwu Onumaegbu (2 years) 
       (years service in Smithton in brackets)

GP Registrars - listed on their own page but also below:
Nick Cooling, Zach Baran, Cynthia Parker, John Lee, Lynda   Aldridge, 
Drew Richardson, David Dalton, Jenny Ostenfeld,   Sue Shearman, 
Gabriel Chan, Jeremy Buddle, Adrienne Stilger, Jim Berryman, 
Karen Vaughan, Rohan Kerr, Camilla Stevens, Robyn Thomas, 
Nicole Anderson, Karen Ratana, Anna de Vries, Naomi Wall, 
Christopher Hughes, Yasemen Sanli, Nissy Ordonez, Elizabeth Lord,
Gonzalo De Angulo, Darren Briggs, Thiru Thirukkumaran

Registered Nurses  

Sue Cuttriss,Jenny House,Sue Buckby,Melinda Dwyer,Merren Armstrong
Mandy Spinks,Sandra Kay,Pippa Gunningham,Lisa Hammond,Jenny Williamson
Helen Maguire,Sharyn Hall,Marty Viney, Cheryl Eatts

Reception Staff
Sue Burke (later practice manager)
Jenny Haywood,Tamoe Reeve,Tracey Ellis,Sonya Ollington
Judy Poke, Melissa McLaren, Cathy Barden, Sandy Scott, Faye Grey

Support Staff
        Sonya Ollington, Maree Davis, Judith O'Halloran, Shona Sheehan, Karlette Perry